Sunday 30 August 2020

Easy 2.5" bixenon upgrade for DEPO/VALEO audi a4 b5 facelift headlights

If you like to upgrade your projector assembly in DEPO/VALEO headlights (should works for TYC also) for facelifted Audi A4 B5 for whatever reason here is a simple solution:

you need this 4TL-R 2.5" projector

these are also available from other sources, but I did not test them and can not tell if they are same.

and also here:

Next, you need the template for drilling which can be brought from my tindie store:

With this template also comes document with detailed instructions on how to modify the projector to fit. It requires 4holes to be drilled into projector and made few cuts into projector to clear inside of headlights.

Here are some sample pictures:

The adapter bolted to projector prior drilling new mounting holes.
Projector inside DEPO headlight.  
Finally inside.
Low beams
Low beams

High beams


I just use my adapter to insert projector into VALEO(OEM) projectors. Few pictures, from testing it on some broken valeo headlights:

holes are lining up, that is ok

inner parts must be addjust all way to the front glass

projector in the headlight

projector in the headlight

In document which is provided after buying adapter is more detailed process and also link to YT video how to insert the projector into headlight.

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  1. Hi, unrelated question sorry. But would you know the PCB inputs to wire in a MP3 player to the Audi Concern plus head unit?