Wednesday 3 October 2018

HOW TO change PSkey configuration on OVC3860 based module

Hardware required:

- USB2serial converter
- cables to connect it
- breadboard (optional)
- adapter for BT Module

Software required:

- OVC3860_revd_config_tool.exe
- dump of PSKey (if you want to flash complete dump)

(my dumps are in this repository - *.dat files)

How to connect it all together:

BTmodule    USB2serial
    RX                TX
    TX                RX
  GND             GND
  VBAT          5V through diode

RX to TX, TX to RX

powering module from 5V via a diode to drop it to safe ~4.3V

When usb2serial adapter is connected to the computer, it must by configured (under windows) as COM1, so go to device manager, find your usb2serial device and change it to COM1, then start OVC3860_revd_config_tool.exe , (for info, I run it with wine on Linux, symbolic link from /dev/ttyUSB0 to com1 at ~/.wine/dos_devices), then when software is running, reset module (connect RESET to ground). Software will state to "Connected" with green dot.

Connected module
Module will stop blink leds
Then you can read/write PSKeys by selecting exact PSKey and red it by selecting "Read Selected" or write it by "Write Selected" after you change it to desired value.

You can also upload full PSKeys dump by selecting "Open file", selecting dump and then hit "Write All".

Select "Open file" for selecting dump file.

Select dump file

Values from dump file are read. "Write all" will write them.