Wednesday 21 January 2015

vwcdpic boards

vwcdpic boards are for sale (1Euro for board + shipping)

preprogramed pic +2E

asembled emulators + simple cable with jack or cinches (tested wvcdpic + audio cable = 10euros + shipping )

contact me on email if you are interested

I sell on Tindie

list of materials

C10,2  - 100n,1206
R1       - 10k,  1206
R5,6,7 - 3k3,  1206
U1       - PIC12F629-I/SN, SW: VWCPIC v3, 8SOIC
U2       - AMS-1117-5.0 (5V) SOT-223

 assemble plan: 



schematics in PDF

finished emulators:

for audi concert2

audi concert1/chorus1
this version of firmware is know to work with VW RCD300 units

to make cost as low as posible, 2.54 pin socket is used:

RCD300 version

RCD300 version

how to connect this pic based emulator

breadboard adapter for blk-md-spk-b

I sell on Tindie
simple breadboard adapter for cheap BLK-MD-SPK-B module from ebay based on OVC3860 with 3.5mm jack adapter, here is it in action:

 schematics/board are on my github

few pictures:

kicad library for BLK-MD-SPK-B is also on github

copy of pdf with OVC3860 AT commans used in video (AT#MD AT#ME....) I sell on Tindie