Wednesday 30 March 2016

unbrick gopro hero2

just note to everyone who is trying to debrick old gpro hero2

I really do not make notes, so it's just from memory, but it can help:

I try to folow this instructions, but as cammera is not responding to anything it didn't work:

after hours on google here is solution:

place HD2-firmware.bin and autoexec.ash on your sdcard, put "cd d:\" on first line of autoexec.ash

donwload this 2 github repos:

git clone
cd  gopro-fw-tools
cp ~/Downloads/HD2-firmware.bin .
./fwparser HD2-firmware.bin >
chmod +x
./ HD2-firmware.bin
it is bunch of "dd" commands, output is 14 files names section_1,section_2,section_3, etc

then we need usb tool:
cd ..
git clone
cd gopro-usb-tools/
sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0.0-dev
 then, place gopro in usb command mode:

- remove battery, disconnect usb cable
- press and hold shutter button
- put battery in camera
- connect usb cable
- front red led should start blinking
- press power button
- release power button, led should stop blinking
- release shutter button,

lsus shout give as device gopro:
Bus 001 Device 090: ID 4255:0001 GoPro

we are goot to go:
sudo ./gpboot --rtos ../gopro-fw-tools/section_3

camera will boot to rtos:
Initializing libusb
Initializing DDR................................... done
Testing DDR....................... passed
Okay, loading and booting RTOS image ../gopro-fw-tools/section_9 on a Hero2 camera
Loading v312-bld.bin to address c0000000
 ... done                   
Loading relocate.bin to address c7000000
 ... done                   
Loading v312-hal-reloc.bin to address c8000000
 ... done                   
Loading ../gopro-fw-tools/section_9 to address c9000000
 ... done                   
Patching in a jump to our relocator..
Okay, here goes nothing...
Exec c0000000: 12 (ok)

on display will be icon with arrow pointing to camera icon, and information about firmware version (v312 in my case)

this time it will not flash any led, so give it few minutes, take a coffe or go for lunch. after while, I came back to camera, disconnected it removed baterry, and try lot of strange thing like make it again and again put autoexec.ash on sdcard without luck.

after same time, i just for hack of it, I removed version.txt from MISC folder and put camera to usb command mode, and boot rtos:
sudo ./gpboot --rtos ../gopro-fw-tools/section_3

it show exact same icon about falshing firmware but, this time, flashing led! \o/

I wait antil flashing stoped, then removed battery and usb cable, press power button and it continue to upgrade !

gopro saved!

again, it's just from memory, so if you try it and make it works, give me comment down below

Thursday 10 March 2016

inside Car Door Logo Light

have same crazy plane to change logo from audi to AUDI B5 Familia

jut for fun, so I ordered one set: from ebay

here is what is inside :