Tuesday 4 December 2018

FLOW binding cable replacement

after few years(ok really after almost 8years :D ), of improper using of back part of flow binding to stop or stay in place on slope, cable deside that is time to go .....  so I have 2option befor this season kick in, new binding or fix this one, and as it is, old product = no support, i accepted chalange to fix this one! cose i can!

first what binding i have: it's old NXT-AT SE.

this is what left of cable, I mange to ride for almost 6days with broken cable, with just cable hold down by adjustment screw at the lock part and sort of nut of calbe and plus cable ties.


- cable need to by crimped on binding, or after its go trough some parts of binding (2metal strips, which connect cable to base, locking part), this is due the size of end ball which did not fit through lock or metal strips, which is of course logical ...

- size of crimped end piece with ball is no standard size, commercially available parts (http://www.vazaci-technika.cz/category.php?id_category=419) are around 50mm long and original was like 20mm. This will change radius of bend, which mean putting foot in binding can be dificult, but i have to check on hill.


here are 2 solutions:

- if your binding is not like nxt, and you have cable attached just by one screw on end, you can simply order 3/5 or 3/4mm - 3mm stainless cable, 4 or 5mm outer diameter (http://www.vazaci-technika.cz/product.php?id_product=2719, http://www.vazaci-technika.cz/product.php?id_product=2478) with this end piece (http://www.vazaci-technika.cz/product.php?id_product=1164)

length should be exact as your original cable, this is how will look:

- if you have old style of binding, you need to cale with this end piece (http://www.vazaci-technika.cz/product.php?id_product=1165) I buy my cale as 3/5 + this end piece which has M6 thread at the end, so I have to enlarge holes in metal strips to 7.5mm. End piece need to by cut, threaded part, I cut my just to fit 2 screw nuts, at the end only one nut was used(with threadlock, and I also smashed threads), otherwise cable did not bend properly for foot to be inserted into binding. I place order for my cable as length of original cable between end-balls and specified that length of cable between threaded part must be this number, in my case 40cm( I have XL binding).

I was thinking about upgrading my binding to "1 screw" type, but I was not comfortable with cutting plastic. Also I have in mind other possibilities of fixing this if current solution did not work:

- end piece with inside thread (http://www.vazaci-technika.cz/product.php?id_product=3494) problem is, that technical information on this site are minimal, so I cant tell how deap thread, so how strong screw can be used, also screw head must by grind to half ball shape to allow proper movement in metal strips.

- through hole end piece + new metal strips. This cable will be ile 20mm shorter, and new metal strips will be shaped like bicykle link. one pin goes over through hole end piece and second one on original screw in binding plate. This will allow for other bending point, so more flex for whole solution. But new metal strips need to be fabricated.

here are some other pictures of current fix: