Wednesday 16 November 2016

how-to unpin miniiso connector

update: so far, this works best for me:
 - long dupont male pins, soldered to spare pcb

 You neet paper click with diamer around 0,8mm , cut two around 2cm long peaces

Insert them and push with pliers as far as they go

then wire should came out easily.

On balck 20pin connector do not forget to unlock it first:

this is how its looks locked:

 other side unlocked:

HOW-TO connect VWCDPIC adapter

Black 20pin miniiso connector 

this connector has pin lock which need to be unlocked befor inserting pins, this is how it's look from booth sides:

Use screwdriver os something flat to push lock on side which is on previous picture, lock will slide inside few milimeters:

On the other side it will popout:

This is how its looks inside of connector:

and after unlock:

CD changer ground pin in mini iso connector

If your radio has ground pin(CD-GND) as this one has (in this case audi concert2) connect emulator like is on next pictures (but insert pins all way down). Take attention to power pin, red one, it must go to switched output pit, in case you put it on constant +12V emulator will probable not works, maybe for first time.

audio cable goes here:

CD changer ground in 10pin tel/nav connector

if your radio is for example audi chorus/concert1, ground pin for CD changer is on 10pin connector on this picture, upper right, but body for this connector is to expensive for low budget project like this emu, so ground connection is made by cable fastened to metal chassis of radio. Screw has torx T-9 head.

Audio pre-ampifier

In case you have  pre-ampifier, this one is powered from constant +12V pin, righr audio channel is also red, but goes from shielded cable pare, I marked it with pinkish color:

grounding goes to chassis:

Units with 12pin connectors

If your radio has this type of connector, you are lucky you need just insert connector like on next picture and connect ground like on previous picture.