Wednesday 3 April 2019

audi a4 b5 - wiper switch rebuild for onboard computer

how-to disassemble wiper switch arm for audi a4 b5 (also a6 c5?), swaping onboard controls from sedan to avant version of wiper switch

remove 4screws

connector part for controls on arm

contacts for wipers same for avant and sedan ...

diffrence between sedan(top) and avant (bottom)

for converting sedan arm to avant, simply cut that sticking plastic part at the end of arm

must looks like this, but I do not wanna do this so I change controls on arm

changing controls star here

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removing wiper speed regulator control

disconnect cables, need this so we can take out part of assembly where buttons are:

pullout buttons part, it is held down with this 2 clips:

 That was standard wiper controler arm, and here is one with onboard computer controlers:


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