Wednesday 3 April 2019

audi a4 b5 rebuild of mirror

here are pictures (with few lines of text) of my rebuild of big nonfolding mirror to folding one

here is what I need to swap:

left manual folding, right power folding

1.) unpin cables form connector, make notes/fotos of actual connector, so you can reassemble it again, here is how to unpin this connector. Foto of actual pin for refrence about lock pin on pin, so you know what to look for to unlock it. Fotos of my connector later for reference.

 2) after liberating cables, fish them over hole in metal plate and  plastic cover.

 3) bend few pins back so you can take whole wiring throught  center part of mirror

4) now we cen use special home-made jig to press spring on mirror, required components are cheapest 19mm socket, M8 screw rod  + washers and nuts

5) use this jig to press spring and take out U-saheped lockwasher (or what it is..)


6) next step: swap of motor, on arm there are 4 torx srews which hold motor .


  1. Hi, I have two Uk mirrors but none of them has that place for folding, please help me with a code or advice. Thanks

    1. what you mean by "place of folding", motor?

    2. drop me email at tomas.kovacik google mail