Friday 12 June 2015

new kicad libraries and modules

on project of bluetooth support for old vw group head units I have to try more bt modules, so I made kicad files needed to make breadbord adapter , SOYO-BT24G03 is in queue also...

MB-CM15113.kicad_mod - old module which has no uart, I made Fritzing file for this module, I try this module one more time
(library files: MB-CM15113.lib, MB-CM15113.dcm)

BLK-MD-SPK-B.kicad_mod - module mentioned on this blog, no call posible with this module or I'm lame :)
(library files: BLK-MD-SPK-B.lib, BLK-MD-SPK-B.dcm)

XS3868.kicad_mod - new module I will try, breadbord adapter files here
(library files: XS3860.dcm, XS3860.lib

am1d.kicad_mod - DC - DC convertor 5V->+-12V i have planes to use it for galvanic insulation audio part for low noise in amlifier, which is realy needed....
(library files: aimtec.dcm, aimtec.lib)

also I made some kicad modules for 3.5mm jack from ebay ....


Výsledok vyhľadávania obrázkov pre dopyt PJ-313C

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