Thursday 2 April 2015

vwcdpic port for arduinos

I have a time to study vwcdpic AVR port for arduino mega which was ported by guy vti on forums and make changes to run it on arduino deumilanove/uno/nano. Code is on github. This is full software based, no hw SPI is used, so is easy to port. Future planes are atmega8 port, which is little diferent in speak of timers.. and attiny85 port of corse, cose I have nothing better to do :D

then headphone support emulating pushbuttons, and bluetooth...

to make it easy to test I clean/tuneup/fixed radio emulator


  1. Hi. Can you tell if your port for arduino would work with CSR chips as good as it works with ovc3860 based boards?

    1. hi, i have only one csr chip 8645 at hand and serial on this module is not for controlling BT functions.

  2. Hi, I want to build an emulator on Arduino nano 3+ XC 3868. I want to switch tracks on the phone from the buttons on the radio tape recorder (concert +) and answer the calls, but not how it doesn't work, there is not enough knowledge in programming. Could you help with the program? I will be very grateful.

  3. привет хочу эмулятор собрать на ардуино NANO V3 + ХS 3868 хочу с кнопок на магнитоле( концерт+) переключались треки на телефоне и отвечать на звонки, но не как не получается, не хватает знаний в программировании. Ты бы не мог помочь с программой? буду очень благодарен.