utorok 25. augusta 2015

vwcdpic v2 firmware for v3 boards

I do not know why it take me so long o realize that i can change pins in v2 firmware to make it works on v3 boards. But better later then never, here it is.

streda 5. augusta 2015

audi chorus - concert: how to recover password

what you need:

motorola cracker :

for serial connection I used cp2102 based adapter from ebay, it has wired RTS signal:

Software part is motorola cracer version 6.x (7 didn't work!!!). It has support for com port from 1 to 4, so change this in advance settings for your usb2UART adapter, then just boot MCU and read eeprom, here is a actual eeprom dump, with code 1790, you can see its on 3 places:

number in eeprom, directly after code (from my observation) can be:

06 - SAFE2 mode, you need to wait 1hour(info from here) to be able to enter pin
08 - SAFE1 mode, you can enter pin code to unlock
A0 - no code required

locked for 1 hour

no code required

standard SAFE mode

UPDATE: I have Motorola MCU with fixed volume problem, so I dump eeprom of this MCU as it has fixed problem, it didn't store volume value in eeprom and so this dump is "clean" of garbage. I try to load this dump to one of affected MCU, just to test how long it take to have volume issue back. For now it's looks ok.

EDIT: it didn't fix it radio volume is garbage at low tempreatures, of corse. But I have to try :)

any data are on my github including eeprom dumps.

openbox x-810 won't boot

another bad caps story with PSU, this time openbox x-810, won't boot, stoped with double dot ":" on display. Measuring on 3.3V rail showed 2V with load. Changing 1000uf and 470uf caps on this rail fix problem, just to be on safe side, I changed all caps on secondary side of psu.