streda 21. januára 2015

breadboard adapter for blk-md-spk-b

I sell on Tindie
simple breadboard adapter for cheap BLK-MD-SPK-B module from ebay based on OVC3860 with 3.5mm jack adapter, here is it in action:

 schematics/board are on my github

this boards are for sale for symbolic 1euro/dollar, I will send it anywhere in world have 20pcs and need just one :). Drop me email about shipping cost. Payment: Paypal

one cosmetic issue is twisted jack, because of bad kicad module I found on inernet, see pictures

same pictures:

kicad library for BLK-MD-SPK-B is also on github

copy of pdf with OVC3860 AT commans used in video (AT#MD AT#ME....) I sell on Tindie

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